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Darren Eden: ‘How to Become a Sovereign Leader’ & Simon Tyler: ‘The Impact of You’

Tuesday 31st May 2016 –
6:45pm – relaxed networking, 7:15pm – talks

The Engineers House, The Promenade, Clifton Down, Bristol, Avon BS8 3NB

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Darren Eden

Darren Eden on How to Become a Sovereign Leader

Darren Eden’s YES BRISTOL talk in May is about how to create transformational change in our lives, our relationships and our organisations. Darren has dedicated the last 16 years to developing and mastering the principles of ‘Sovereign Leadership’, and has helped people from around the world to transform their lives by taking the power out of their unconscious beliefs and leading from their ‘Sovereignty’.

In his talk Darren will tell us that we are already leaders and are always leading. But we either lead unconsciously with our beliefs, or purposefully with our Sovereignty. Knowing this will enable us to learn the following:

  • How you lead determines what end results you create

Your beliefs lead you to false visions that keep you stuck in struggle and survival. This is because they only give you access to your rational mind. When you lead with your Sovereignty, you’ll be able to effortlessly create end results that would have otherwise been impossible. This is because you’ll be able to harness the power of your focused imagination and your intuitive wisdom.

  • How you lead determines the impact you have on your relationships and your organisation

When you lead with your beliefs you create relationships and organisational structures that are dysfunctional, which only serve to amplify your struggle and survival. When you learn to lead with your Sovereignty you’ll be able to purposefully create synergistic relationships and cohesive organisational structures, both of which will be a joy to be in and a privilege to be part of.

  • Your leadership style impacts how you negotiate

You unconsciously employ manipulative strategies to negotiate when you lead with your beliefs, which sabotages your end results. When you learn to negotiate in your Sovereignty you’ll be able to communicate directly with the Sovereignty of the other person to create transformational end results.

  • How To Become a Sovereign Leader

The key to becoming a Sovereign leader is in learning and mastering the fundamental principles that enable you to have direct access to the power of your focused imagination and your intuitive wisdom.

In ‘How To Become a Sovereign Leader’, you will learn these fundamental principles by gaining a first hand experience of the struggle you create when you lead with your beliefs, and the effortless and previously impossible end results you create when you lead with your Sovereignty.


My life changed from the moment I met Darren Eden. He is calm and grounded. He has total belief and passion for delivering what is true to his heart. His burning desire to educate others in realising their true potential, in harnessing the extraordinary powers we all possess, are immense.

My life has transformed completely. My personal life and my career are aligned. I have learnt to embrace what I love and to employ my fears to achieve my goals. I have gone from a jobbing actor to a leading man, with offers in London’s West End, Los Angeles and New York. In eight months, forty-nine years of fear-fueled limitation have been dislodged and a heart full of promise beats to my tune.”

John Pirkus

I was jobless at the time I started working with Darren, having just painfully left an 8-year career as the head trainer for an international self-development company. Within two months I had clarity about the direction I wanted to go in, and found the drive, motivation and inspiration to follow my dream of setting up my own business.

Since training with Darren and implementing what I learned, I am working in full alignment with what I love and I am now coaching successful entrepreneurs on using their brain more intentionally as part of their business toolkit and developing my pan-European business development plan.”

Dr Claire Gaudry

I was approaching my 60th birthday when I began working with Darren and feeling “is this all life has to offer me now.” I wanted to discover what work I wanted to do, as I had no intention of retiring, but what I found was that what I learned impacted every area of my life. My work has definitely transformed and I’ve also found out how deeply I love dancing, swimming and connecting with nature. I also unearthed how deeply I love my husband and family, this was mind blowing. Darren really shared his heart, and supported and nurtured each and every one of us. I personally have never experienced any trainer share so much of themselves with a group.

I am discovering what really turns me on, what feeds my heart and soul. I’ve found that I am the creative force in my life and that is so exciting and liberating. I would recommend that everyone invest the time and energy and give yourself this gift. I would love Darren’s work to be adopted by every school, college and university worldwide.”

Geraldine Davies

Website & You Tube links:


Discover Your Greatness’ by Darren Eden

Simon Tyler headshot

Simon Tyler on The Impact of You

Simon Tyler is an inspirational speaker, facilitator and coach and author of The Simple Way and The Impact Code and in autumn this year The Attitude Book.

In his YES BRISTOL talk in May, he will focus on powerful ways to raise your impact level in business. His philosophy begins with the idea that in order to move forward you must create a space, clear away what is confusing, and then take action to clarify and simplify your interactions with the world.

High-calibre corporate clients have worked with Simon to transform their approach to business and show measurable change in their personal as well as commercial lives.

The best leaders, coaches, professionals create change. They are able to create a vision, communicate an idea and in particular, encourage action from others. What is it about these leaders and managers which makes others want to follow, engage and to act?

Having impact expresses the collective impression left by our visual appearance, our presence, the way we connect with others and the lasting effect we have on people when we have left the room.”

Simon is renowned for his ability to cut through endless complication and frustration and enable leaders, executives, CEOs and managers to enhance their impact and access more of their potential. He has spoken at over 650 events. He is known for his clear, supportive and challenging communication. Simon is a pioneer in the field of personal growth, specifically in the power of attitude.


Simon spoke with passion and purpose and combined creativity with ‘business as usual’. The audience got some great learning points and plenty of encouragement to ‘try something different’. Clear, concise, confident and conversational – something for everyone and left a great impression on the audience.”

Steve Elsom, Area Director Commercial Banking at Lloyds Banking Group.

The session was a huge success. There is no doubt that it has improved team relations and performance and I am confident that this key step was crucial to my team’s ongoing success.”

Brenda Trenowden. UK MD, BNY Mellon.

Simon’s approach keeps you moving forward, removes hurdles (including the perceived ones) and holds you true to yourself. In short he ‘keeps things simple’ and success always follows.”

Jennifer Mathias, CFO, Coutts Bank.


I cannot thank you enough for your work prior to and at the Global Mobility Summit. All delegates were full of praise and thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. You have the unique ability to both educate and entertain and I am confident your words will be remembered for years to come. You certainly met and exceeded everyone’s expectations and I will be inviting you back next year.”

Rhonda Olsen, Group Director, Robinsons.

In one hour, Simon touched the soul of everyone with many colleagues making simple but pivotal and lasting changes. For weeks afterwards, many felt excited and privileged to have been part of the session.”

John Watson, Director, Edinburgh Airport.

Website & YouTube links:


The Simple Way’

The Impact Code’


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