How a murder taught me to live and other inspirations…

Tuesday 25th July – Get ready to be Inspired.

Details of speakers will be announced soon – We still have 2 speaking slots for our world famous INSPIRE evening.

Have you ever wanted to give a short and powerful talk?  This Tuesday 25th July might be just the evening to do it?

We are here to help raise each others game, improve lives and make a difference. Here is your chance to shine, to share, to make a difference with your Inspirational knowledge, wisdom or story. Short powerful to the point talk

Once in a pink moon opportunity!

JUST Contact/email with INSPIRE in the subject heading and tell us you want to INSPIRE someone now!.

Want to pre-book now?

Get your tickets here:

Tickets: £9.95 for 1, £15.95 for 2
if 2nd Person, their Name pls.